Take NMN orally to improve hair loss and gray hair!

Baldness savior: Take NMN orally to improve hair loss and gray hair!

The top of the head begins to thin in your 30s, your hair turns gray in your 40s, and your 50s look like your 60s… The problem of hair loss and graying is getting younger and younger! Even according to data from the “Interesting White Paper on Saving Hair Loss” released by Ali Health, those born in the 1980s and 1990s have become the main consumers of hair loss care products!

A head of healthy and thick hair is what many 996 and 007 workers dream of! Men, in particular, are deeply troubled by hair loss and gray hair!

A head of healthy and thick hair

Why hair loss occurs?

Some studies have shown that NADPH in the human body increases with age, and 5α-reductase (5α-reductase) relies on reduced coenzyme II (NADPH) membrane protease. One of its functions is to catalyze the conversion of testosterone into dihydrogen. Testosterone (DHT), and dihydrotestosterone is the main culprit of male pattern hair loss.

NADPH can become NADH by transferring electrons to NAD+. However, NAD+ will continue to decrease with age, so a large amount of NADPH cannot be converted into NADH through NAD+, causing some men to have higher and higher levels of dihydrotestosterone and less and less hair as they age.

Dihydrotestosterone is the main culprit of male hair loss

Dihydrotestosterone levels do not always remain high; on the contrary, they decrease with age. But even so, there is another factor that can cause hair loss, which is the aging of hair mother cells. As NAD+ levels decrease with age, hair mother cells lack enough ATP for hair protein synthesis and eventually lose their vitality, leading to hair loss.

The way to prevent or improve hair loss is to supplement NMN, the precursor of NAD+. On the one hand, it reduces the level of dihydrotestosterone, the source of male alopecia.

On the other hand, it can strengthen the tricarboxylic acid cycle and produce ATP,

so that hair mother cells have sufficient supply. Powerful to produce hair protein and improve hair loss.

Methods to prevent or improve hair loss

Why does gray hair grow?

Hair is an appendage of the skin,

and the hair follicle stem cells and pigment stem cells in the hair follicle determine the growth and color of the hair.

Melanocytes are distributed in the dermal papilla of hair follicles, which synthesize the melanin of hair. The more melanin, the darker the hair.

As we age, after the hard-working hair follicles go through multiple growth cycles, the pigment cells begin to age,

their ability to scavenge free radicals decreases,

and they cannot fully supply melanin to adjacent keratinocytes, so the hair that grows is white.

Why does gray hair grow?

A team of scientists from Harvard Medical School and Professor Ichiro Kanai from Japan published a study in the internationally authoritative journal “Cell”.

The experiment proved that when the enzyme that synthesizes NMN in the blood of young mice injected into the bodies of old mice, the old mice were originally gray. And the sparse hair becomes thick and black, and the effect is simply better than “hair transplantation” and “hair dyeing”.

Scientists believe that the main reason for gray hair is the aging of melanocytes, which is the decline in NAD+ levels.

In addition, there are some factors that cause sub-health, such as excessive stress, nutritional deficiencies,

staying up late and insomnia, smoking and drinking, etc., which can also lead to an increase in gray hair. If it is caused by these factors, these people also lack NAD+ in their bodies.

The role of supplementing NMN is to maintain high NAD+ levels in the body

The function of supplementing NMN is to maintain high NAD+ levels in the body,

which can strengthen the tricarboxylic acid cycle and produce more ATP, so that hair mother cells have enough power to produce hair protein,

return melanin production to normal, and make white hair black again.

There is also a human trial that shows that supplementing NMN can help improve hair loss. At the 71st Korean Dermatology Congress, the team of Professor Hang Zhexin of Soongsil University disclosed a new hair growth technology: using microneedles to treat hair loss. NMN, combined with the growth factor cocktail Cellcurin™, implanted into the scalps of 20 patients suffering from androgenic alopecia.

As expected, after 3 months, the hair volume and quality of the 20 patients significantly improved. Professor Heng Zhexin said that they will conduct more complete clinical trials in the future to bring more good news to people with hair loss and gray hair.

It can be seen that insisting on fully supplementing NMN and increasing the NAD+ content in the body can significantly improve the problems of hair loss and gray hair, promote the growth of new hair, and make the new hair thicker and shiny.

Of course, after increasing the NAD+ level in the body through NMN, the benefits will be far more than that. Various problems caused by aging and sub-health will improved, such as improving cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems,

three high problems, enhancing memory, and improving vision of the older people. Hearing, insomnia and other problems.

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