Reduced glutathione for injection: Effects, usage and dosage – Precautions

The role of glutathione drips

Information introduction

Glutathione itself has the effect of whitening and lightening spots, and it can reduce the production of dark spots by inhibiting the formation of melanin.

Glutathione can also promote skin metabolism, improve skin immunity, and thus play a role in improving skin quality and brightening skin tone.

The combination of water light needle is a kind of GSH and other nutrients, through the way of injection into the skin surface, so as to play the role of whitening, moisturizing and other beauty methods.

The combination of water and light needles can deeply hydrate the skin, improve the water retention ability of the skin, and make the skin more hydrated and shiny.

Glutathione can also inhibit the formation of melanin, reduce the production of skin dark spots, so as to achieve the effect of whitening.

Product information

Name: Reduced glutathione for injection

Product specification: 0.6g*10 bottles/box

Main ingredients: reduced glutathione sodium salt, sodium bicarbonate

Properties: This product is white powder, strong moisture induction

Shelf life: 3 years

Usage: This product can be intramuscular injection, or slow intravenous injection, or add intravenous infusion, or follow the doctor’s advice 1-2 doses per day.

Storage: Keep at room temperature and sealed.

Glutathione efficacy

Pharmacological action

1, Reduced glutathione is a tripeptide substance widely existing in nature;

It is mainly found in the cytoplasm and plays a role in a variety of cellular biochemical functions.

2, the sulfhydryl group of cysteine in reduced glutathione is highly nucleophilic, so it is the main target structure of electrophiles excited by heteroorganisms or their metabolites, thus protecting the main nucleophilic sites, which can cause cell damage if affected.

Once reacted with organic oxidation metabolites, it can form low-toxicity compounds that are easily metabolized.

3, the level of intracellular glutathione is changed and the concentration is reduced in many cases such as malnutrition, various diseases, chemical poisoning and drug administration.

In animals and humans, reduced glutathione has protective effects against cytotoxicity induced by many substances such as salicylic acid, organophosphorus insecticides and alcohol.

4, In vivo studies in animals have shown that reduced glutathione does not affect intestinal motility, blood pressure and respiration, and does not cause electrocardiogram changes.

The role of reduced glutathione in whitening

Reduced glutathione has antioxidant properties and can have whitening effects when injected into the human body.

Because glutathione can inhibit the formation of melanin, and remove free radicals in the human body, clean and purify the human body environmental pollution.

In the medical beauty project is often used in whitening, most of the whitening needles contain glutathione,

but the substance will be excreted over time, in order to obtain long-term whitening effect,

you need to regularly go to the regular medical institutions for injection.

Glutathione operation method

Usage and dosage:

A box of 10 bottles, one bottle 0.6g. Generally, 3-4ml of normal saline is mixed first, and then 1-1.5ml is pumped out to distribute water light.

As for more or less, it doesn’t matter, because everyone has a different skin color. Finish to see the effect, the effect is good to continue, the effect is not good to increase the amount.

Microneedle operation:

Glutathione + tranexamic acid +VC, once a month, after finishing must remember to pay attention to physical sun protection, more water.

Water and light operation:

When doing water and light projects, you can directly dilute it and put some of it into the operation together, and the rest can applied on the face on the spot.


East Asian + Italian salmon +2-3 ml glutathione, the basic configuration can also play a double effect;

Filoga 135+ Italian salmon + 3ml glutathione, the whitening effect will greatly improved.

Product precautions


1, Allergy: Occasional rash and other allergic symptoms should stopped.

2, Occasional loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

3, This product should banned in people who are allergic to glutathione.


1, Use this product in the hospital under the supervision of a professional physician.

2, Must completely dissolved before injection, appearance clear, colorless;

This product can stored at room temperature for 2 hours after dissolution;

It can stored in normal saline at 0 ~ 5℃ for 8 hours.

3, Keep out of reach of children.

4, If symptoms such as rash, pale face, drop in blood pressure, abnormal pulse occur during the treatment, the treatment should stopped immediately.

Intramuscular injection only used when this route required, and repeated injections at the same site avoided.