Super nova glutathione oral beauty market 10 billion battle


Eat out of the billions of market – oral beauty

According to data from Zhiyan Consulting, China’s oral beauty market is expected to exceed 23.8 billion yuan in 2022.

At the same time, more and more emerging brands set off the explosion trend, and continue to integrate with the meal replacement and functional food market, the future oral beauty market capacity is far more than this.

In 1993, Mrs. Beauty oral liquid was born, with accurate advertising strategy into the minds of consumers, quickly based on the blank oral beauty market.

In the past 30 years, China’s oral beauty industry has had several ups and downs, experienced flowers, but also experienced thorns.

Just as fashion is a circle and the millennial trend is back in vogue, oral beauty has become active again in recent years.

Oral beauty has once again been pushed to the edge of the market, and major brands continue to increase the track, so that the oral beauty market ushered in a new development window.

At present, the oral beauty market demand mostly concentrated in the four major areas of oral anti-aging, oral whitening, oral hydration, and oral anti-stripping, and the characteristics of each area different.

L-Glutathione Reduced

At the same time, the concept of “anti-aging”, “anti-sugar”, “anti-wrinkle”, “anti-oxidation” and other market segments rapidly popularized and favored by consumers, especially the concept of “whitening” is hot.

The “2019 Oral Beauty Consumption Trend Report” released by CBNData, the First financial business data center, shows that the growth rate of oral beauty products consumers has increased significantly, and the penetration rate of consumer groups has reached 47%.

When people are more and more aware of the importance of whitening, in the process of buying, they will be able to use skin whitening. The post-95 generation preferred tablet/pill type oral whitening products and “small package” oral whitening products with less than 60 pieces.

Oral beauty consumption trends

Previously, Mrs. Oral liquid has perfectly combined oral health care products with beauty, laying a solid foundation for the promotion of oral beauty products.

In order to meet the needs of the current young consumers, the oral beauty products in the new era are more compact and portable, stylish and beautiful, accurate and efficient, and the product dosage forms are more and more abundant, and the snack forms such as powder, particles, capsules and soft candies quickly occupy the minds of consumers.

As consumers buy skin care products are no longer blind, more rational attention to the product portfolio formula and the overall effect, consumer groups have emerged more and more buy more fine “component party”, attach great importance to the choice of food raw materials and the scientific proportion of nutritional ingredients, and their attempts in oral beauty categories also show a trend of multiple segmentation.


Another “Women’s Quality of Life Consumption Trend Report 2022” released by CBNData shows that nearly 70% of female consumers influenced by product ingredients when buying skin care products.

From the perspective of the top ten ingredients of cognition, anti-aging firming and soothing repair are the main selling points of products for female groups, and the corresponding ingredients occupy six places.

Hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamin C are the three major functional ingredients that women are concerned about.

Women’s demands for efficacy are more diverse, and nearly half of them pay attention to antioxidant and whitening effects.

The demands of mature age groups focus on the needs of anti-aging firming and soothing repair.

Oral whitening competition, the rise of glutathione strength

At a time when ingredients becoming a big competitive point for oral beauty products, and specific ingredients and ingredients needed to enhance whitening, glutathione offers a comprehensive solution for brands and consumers.

Many people want to have good skin, you need to achieve two indicators: white inside red, blowing can break. China glutathione manufacturers

L-Glutathione Powder

White inside red is to inhibit the formation of melanin, reduce melanin deposition, accelerate the metabolism of melanin.

Blowing can break is to promote the synthesis of collagen and supplement the moisture of the stratum corneum.

Skin melanin converted from tyrosine to dopa under the action of tyrosinase, and the dopa formed after complex physiological and chemical changes in the body.

An experiment conducted to observe the effect of glutathione on melanin formation in zebrafish by using two kinds of glutathione yeast extract at high, medium and low concentrations.

The results showed that the tyrosinase of zebrafish inhibited by glutathione yeast extract, the inhibition rate up to 19%, and glutathione could reduce the melanin formation by up to 89%.

As a tripeptide containing sulfhydryl, glutathione is structured as glutamate-cysteine-glycine, and its main function in oral beauty application is to reduce melanin formation and whiten the skin.


The researchers show that glutathione can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase by binding to the copper active site of tyrosinase, thereby reducing the formation of black, the mechanism of action is to promote the conversion of tyrosine from the direction of synthesis of eumelanin to light yellow fusomelanin, thus reducing the appearance of dark.

The unique sulfhydryl group of glutathione has strong antioxidant activity, which can clear ROS produced by epidermal cells after ultraviolet irradiation and reduce the formation of melanin induced by ROS.

In addition, glutathione also plays a positive role in moisturizing the skin.

In a study of 30 women aged 20-40 years who took oral glutathione yeast extract, it found that after taking 50mg of glutathione daily, skin moisturizing effect, redness recovery rate, skin brightness showed positive changes, and the negative effects of UV exposure significantly reduced compared with non-users.

Glutathione in oral beauty products case

Glutathione yeast extract a food, which meets the national standard “GB/T23530 yeast extract”, and added to food according to the production demand as a yeast extract.

In the ingredient list can labeled as yeast extract, advertised as glutathione content.

L-Glutathione Powder

In addition, glutathione yeast extract has widely used in powder, liquid, tablet, gummy and other dosage forms.

The stability of solid dosage form is better than that of liquid dosage form.

Glutathione yeast extract has good solubility in water, fast dissolution rate, and the solution is clear and transparent.

Food antioxidants such as vitamin C can appropriately added to the liquid dosage form to reduce the loss of glutathione during preservation.

It is worth noting that in order to improve the taste of the product itself,

the company adopts advanced technology to reduce the taste of the yeast source,

which can be mixed with fruit juice when applied,

and the use of cool flavors and spices can more effectively reduce the discomfort caused by the odor.

Sum up

Nowadays, more and more consumers regard beauty as a lifelong career,

and have their own ideas on how to become beautiful.

With the continuous upgrading of people’s cognition, the cognition of a single ingredient has gradually begun to pay attention to the concentration of the real effect of the ingredient, and the best combination of the use of other ingredients.

The appearance of glutathione can effectively act on the skin in all aspects, making whitening a reality and beauty a daily occurrence.