20 years of scientific research have proven that the effectiveness of NMN is truly amazing!

20 years of scientific research

NMN increases the level of NAD+in the body, allowing cells to return to youthfulness, activating the longevity pathway, and regulating the pace of aging in the body.

The research on NMN has remained hot for nearly 20 years, and more and more benefits have been explored and discovered. Through human experiments, the anti-aging truth of NMN has finally been revealed.

Today, let’s take a key point and take a look at the main benefits of NMN that have been proven in the past 20 years:

In 2005, the research work of β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide was first launched, led by Professor Shinichiro Imai from Japan.

1. Improving sleep

In 2009, a study published in the top academic journal Science showed that there is an interaction between NAD+and the biological clock. As NAD+levels increase, they can regulate the circadian rhythm of the biological clock and improve sleep.

Improving sleep

2. Maintaining mitochondrial youthfulness

In 2013, Professor David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School published a paper on NMN reversing aging in another journal, Cell. Research has found that after one week of taking β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, 22 month old mice recover their mitochondrial stable state to the level of 6 months.

3. Maintaining Heart Health

A 2014 study by the New Jersey School of Medicine found that NMN can significantly increase NAD+levels in mouse hearts, protect the heart, and improve myocardial function.

Maintaining Heart Health

4. Improve NAD+level within 30 minutes

In 2016, an animal experiment published in the journal Cell Biology showed that supplementing with NMN can increase NAD+levels within 30 minutes, thereby improving metabolism, maintaining healthy weight, improving eye function, increasing bone density, and improving insulin sensitivity.

At the same time, NMN has also begun to enter human applications, and clinical studies have also been conducted at the University of Washington, Tokyo, Keio University, Hiroshima University, and others.

5. Repair DNA damage

In 2017, a study published in the journal Science found that repairing cellular DNA relies on NAD+. After one week of oral administration of NMN, DNA damage in older people mice was significantly reduced.

Meanwhile, research on the role of NMN in weight management has been published in the journal Nature, confirming that β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide can promote the metabolism of adipocytes and have the same weight loss effect as exercise.

Repair DNA damage

6. NMN can reverse vascular aging

In 2018, the journal Cell published another important study on NMN, confirming that NMN can reverse vascular aging and improve muscle aging.

7. Reduce muscle and bone loss

In the same year, NASA supported the NAD+research project, believing that NMN could reduce muscle and bone loss in space exploration, and awarded postdoctoral scholarships.

Reduce muscle and bone loss

8. Protecting the liver and promoting longevity

A 2019 study by the University of Colorado in the United States showed that NAD+not only helps to “sober up”, but also has a protective effect on the liver, as NAD+is an essential substance in the liver’s alcohol metabolism process.

Meanwhile, research from Harvard Medical School has confirmed that NMN can activate the longevity protein Sirtuins family, enabling various longevity pathways in the human body to function.

Moreover, research by Chinese scientists has found that NMN has a positive effect on improving age-related osteoporosis.

Protecting the liver and promoting longevity

9. It plays a positive role in the treatment of COVID-19

In 2020, Harvard University and the West Daessene Medical Center jointly released a report stating that NMN cocktail therapy improved the overall immune system of pneumonia patients.

10. Promoting fertility and protecting the brain

In addition, in 2020, a study by the University of New South Wales in Australia found that NMN can improve the quality of oocytes, promote the recovery of fertility, and reduce the adverse effects of maternal age on embryonic development.

Promoting fertility and protecting the brain

Research from the University of Oklahoma has shown that β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide can protect the brain of older people mice.

11. Regulating hyperglycemia

The first clinical trial results released by the University of Washington in 2021 showed that NMN increased insulin sensitivity and had a positive regulatory effect on hyperglycemia.

12. Enhance athletic ability

Clinical studies at the University of Tokyo have confirmed that taking NMN can improve muscle function and motor ability in older adults. Research by Chinese scientists has found that NMN helps improve aerobic exercise ability during exercise.

13. NMN for human safety

In addition, in 2021, many studies have confirmed the role of β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide in regulating gut microbiota, protecting the skin from UV damage, repairing kidney damage, and improving lung aging. So far, all clinical studies have confirmed the safety of long-term use of NMN.

In summary, up to now, NMN has been scientifically proven to have the following benefits:

  • Delaying aging and improving skin
  • Improve blood vessels and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
  • Prevention and improvement of hypertension, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia
  • Delaying brain aging and preventing old people dementia
  • Significantly enhance human immunity
  • Improve vision, hearing, and central nervous system
  • Improve sleep, regulate insomnia
  • Improve energy and restore physical strength after exercise
  • Improve female polycystic ovary syndrome and regulate menstruation
  • Improve menopausal symptoms in women
  • Enhance male sexual function and rejuvenate vitality
  • Increase dopamine levels and stabilize emotions
  • Increase basal metabolism to help reduce fat
  • Accelerate alcohol and toxin metabolism, increase alcohol tolerance
  • Protecting liver and kidney function

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