Glutathione mask three subtractive, how to restore skin clear and white?


Glutathione Mask “Three subtractions”
Summer is the most intense sun season of the year, a little attention to maintenance, dull, rough, water and oil imbalance, acne, wrinkles, sensitive skin problems will come!

Glutathione Mask helps skin look beautiful for a summer:

Reduces dryness and leaves skin moist and translucent!

Reduce the dullness, skin clear white transparent!

Removes roughness and leaves skin smooth and translucent!

No more black, no boyfriend, glutathione mask to save you.

Characteristics of glutathione mask liquid

Miss you so much, peptide wants to be with you, full of glutathione repair power.

Glutathione mask base solution, glutathione and natural whitening essence “arbutin”, the best natural moisturizing factor “hyaluronic acid”, beauty factor “oligopeptide-1” are scientifically combined to give full play to the anti-free radical, anti-oxidation, anti-sunburn, anti-pigmentation and anti-aging effects, and use day after day to make the skin clean, transparent, bright and white.

  • Strong permeability: small molecule active peptide, rapid penetration, directly to the bottom of the muscle, deeply nourish the skin;
  • High stability: Double whitening essence blocks melanin production from the source, brightening and translucent skin;
  • Non-irritating: no alcohol, flavor, pigment and other sensitizing substances, no hormones, heavy metals and other prohibited substances, safe and mild, skin friendly does not stimulate!

a. Root whitening
Inhibiting tyrosinase activity prevents melanin production at the root

b. Anti-oxygen and anti-aging
Glutathione contains active sulfhydryl -SH which is highly effective in removing free radicals from skin and removing yellow gas

c. Moisturize
Quickly replenish the moisture needed by the skin and moisturize the skin for a long time

Four-fold repair energy, strength to break the black, old forces:

  • Hydrating UP: Glutathione + hyaluronic acid, quickly inject moisture into the skin, long-term moisturizing skin;
  • Skin color UP: Glutathione + arbutin can effectively inhibit tyrosinase activity and reduce melanin production, thereby reducing skin pigmentation, improving darkness, fading spots and brightening skin;
  • Skin UP: Glutathione + oligopeptide-1, effectively promote surface renewal, anti-free radicals, anti-oxidation, improve fine lines, slack and other early aging phenomenon, skin more tender and smooth.

Characteristics of glutathione mask carrier

Don’t try to hack me. Don’t try to hurt me. I have a glutathione mask.

1, natural: copper ammonia silk raw materials from the cotton seeds around the wool, 100% pure natural fiber. Natural copper ammonia silk cloth can be completely degraded after about 12 weeks of use.

2, ultra-thin: natural copper ammonia wire film cloth ultra-thin, invisible, coated, and has 20,000 micro-accumulation of import holes, natural water, layer by layer injection, strong promotion of nutrient absorption, known as the “syringe” in the mask.

3, light permeability: natural copper ammonia silk film cloth breathability is good, soft, smooth, just like the second skin of the human body, and can be stretched at will, suitable for any face shape tight fitting package, invisible light penetration without burden, to achieve perfect care for every inch of skin.

4, water retention: natural copper ammonia silk film cloth has excellent moisture absorption function, can absorb its own weight of 8 times the original liquid, the water retention is more than 3 times that of other natural film cloth, can keep the skin hydrated and nourishing for a longer time, crystal clear all day.

5, mild: natural copper ammonia silk film cloth smooth and delicate skin feel better than other natural materials, mild and non-irritating, for sensitive skin, water shortage, dry, desquamated skin population is the best choice.

Women don’t be too min Wei glutathione will love you